KESHET (Melitipol city)

Youth club “Keshet” was created in 2005 in the Jewish center OR HADASH in Melitopol. Despite the small number of Jewish youth in our city, the club was becoming popular dramatically and was extending its boundaries. Every year youth community was developing and becoming more and more numerous. Nowadays the head of the youth club is Babaeva Natalia. There are about 40 participants of “Keshet” today aged 13 to 23.

Teenagers became interested in attending the lessons and activities of the youth club that’s why they’ve joined it and have united with it.   There are many programs going on in our club where everyone can find something he’s fond of. During its existence the youth club has always been active and constant participant of all the community event and holidays, and the youth has never missed different activities of municipal level.

More than once our participants have been taking part in the municipal volunteer projects, have organized creative workshops for Melitopol dwellers and have taken part in the concerts. The dance group that appeared in 2015 has already demonstrated its success to the community members. Our participants are also trying themselves as counselors during outdoor shabbatons and in children’s and family camps. Taking into account not very numerous staff of out club we can definitely call us a family because despite of the age difference there is always a friendly and positive atmosphere.


Address: Zaporizhia region, Melitopol, str. Dzerzhinskogo 45.

Tel: +380975878920

The head: Natalia Tantsman