Youth club (Saratov)

The youth programs in Saratov has existed for more than 5 years, and recently the number of participants has increased significantly. At the moment, three main areas are developing:

- teenage club working in conjunction with the AJT platform
- Youth direction
- The school of madrichs

What are we doing:
- Studying Jewish history and tradition
- Study of the Torah
- Jewish cuisine
- online newspaper
- Volunteering
- Club of table games
- Music Club
- Jewish Film Club
- The school of madrichs
- Meeting Shabbat and Avdaly, as well as other Jewish holidays
- And this is new knowledge, acquaintances and a lot of positive emotions

The head: Sofiya Drobashevskaya

Address: Saratov, str. Universitetskaya 65/73

Tel: +79631140014