Teens club "Miseba"

Rostov teens club was opened June 16 2013.

It has been founded thanks to initiative of a graduate of youth leadership project “Metsuda” Tatiana Velichko. A fundamental program of our club is “Counselors school” and leadership seminar “AJT”. Our teenagers are:

-         Active participants of all the volunteer actions;

-         Counselors of family camps, children’s playgrounds, shabbatons;

-         Project managers and initiators of new actions and programs.

Our programs are:

-         Counselors school

-         Avdalah;

-         Leadership programs;

-         Shabbatons;

-         Volunteer actions;

-         Games project;

-         Immersion project (historical quests);

-         Jewish holidays.

Our teens club is free space for teenagers aged 12 to 18 where everyone can find his place, make friends, and plenty of interests and new opportunities.


Address: Rosrov on Don, av. Budennovskyy, 3/3 


The head: Valeriya Kalinichenko