Haverim (Kishinev)

A youth club Haverim was opened in March 2009, when Nikolay Railyan became the head of the youth programs in Jewish Cultural Centre KEDEM. The idea of club’s name came from our first “friend’s” name – a hamster Haver! He was living with us for long years and was symbolizing the loyalty to our club.

It all started with 20 young people – the programs participants – and two counselors. During 6 years the club has existed, many club’s generations have changed and there were more than 800 active club’s members, who have been actively participating in Kishinev Jewish community.

There have been many projects in Haverim, from wide variety of daily programs till different outdoor seminars and festivals.

Tis year it’s going to be the VI presentation ceremony of the award “Haverim’s Branch». This is the ceremony of the new year opening and awarding the best participants of the previous year. This ceremony is very famous and prestige among our youth because it has such awards as: “The most Jewish project”, “The best entertaining project”, “The best cognitive project”, “The best educational project”, etc.

Haverim also actively organizes different community events to all the Jewish holidays, it participates in all the community projects, conducts educational seminars and this way brings joy to our Jewish Home. Because our youth is our future!

Twice a year before Sukkot and Passover Haverim conducts long-awaited shabbatons. These are unforgettable 3-days seminars, that are dedicated to a great Jewish holiday,  and it’s  also gripping Shabbat meeting and Avdala, and just unity of our youth.

In summer Haverim organizes and takes part in the Youth Festival. Each year more and more young people take part in this festival! And there are no doubts that it’s the best motive to have some rest before the beginning of the school year. Each festival always has a great program with some theme and different workshops, educational classes and entertaining evening events and activities.

Every summer our participants can also go to Hungarian camp “Szarvas”. Camp’s program includes Jewish education, various activities, excursions, cycling, canoeing, horse riding, taking part in sports contests, meeting Shabbat. This is an unusual camp that for many years has been uniting Jewish youth form many different countries.

Haverim conducts leadership seminars “Dereh”, this is the project where young people can learn to become program’s coordinator! Many people who have finished “Dereh” were successful managers of their own programs and projects!


Address: Moldova, Kishinev, str. Diortzitza, 5, JCC KEDEM

Tel: 022 509669;


The head: Zoya Brovkina