American distribution committee “Joint”

American distribution committee Joint is the biggest Jewish charitable organization in the world. Since 1914 Joint is a trustworthy partner in creation and supporting Jewish communities all around the world. In 1920 Joint (then it was Agro-Joint) transported first tractors to the Soviet Union for Jewish migrants in the south of Ukraine, thus preventing thousands of people from starvation. Today working in more than 70 countries in the world Joint provides vital support to the communities in their development and care of socially unsecured stratums of society. Its work principles are choice, high professional level and communities’ self-sufficiency. Executing the commandment “Tikun olam” – moral responsibility of the Jews to improve the world and life of all the people – Joint helps to liquidate the consequences of the natural disasters, and provides long-term help in communities development all over the world, regardless of religions and nationalities. We take actions on emergency and efficient reacting for the victims of industrial accidents and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, starvation or war.