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Start the AJTravel project by the AJT youth movement

On March 11-13, the first trip within AJTravel project was held. A delegation of 10 people from Kharkiv teenage club, visited their friends and associates in the capital of Ukraine Kiev - beautiful city with  rich Jewish history.


This is a unique opportunity from AJT (Active Jewish Teens)  movement in FSU, which allows  to visit another cities (another clubs),  to get acquainted with the Jewish culture of the city, to meet with friends, and it's a great chance to see the life of the Jewish communities in other cities and learn about the successful experience of project implementation.

In order to participate in the project it is necessary to form a group of 7-10 people from the members of the youth club (AJT members), to agree on the dates with the host youth club, to make AJTravel program for 3 days and send it for consideration by e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Participants pay ONLY  their own travel fares. Other  programmatic costs undertakes AJT. Participants are not limited within the same country (Let us recall that at the moment,  AJT operates  in 5 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia)

Teenagers  from Kharkov together with members of the youth club from Kiev visited cultural center Beit Aynu,  got acquainted with existing programs at the center, met together Shabbat and Havdala. AJT activists from Kiev, prepared for their friends from Kharkov educational and recreational activities, made presentation of their teenage club and had a guided walking tour not only to beautiful places of Kiev, but also around  Jewish historical sites of the capital.


Participation in such AJTravel trips allows to get a deep understanding of the local work of youth club, which is the basis of dynamic development of the international  teenage  movement  AJT (FSU) and to communicate personally with active representatives of Active Jewish Teens who are  interested in the professional development.