Youth Club on Nikitskaya str. (Moscow)

A whole new generation of children has grown in the last few years of the existence of a kindergarten in the Jewish Cultural Center named by Ralph Goldman on Nikitskaya str. (Moscow). And now they make up the active of the teenage life of Cultural Center.

Teenagers are engaged in radio-journalism under the guidance of experts of the state radio channel "Culture"; they attend trainings on personal growth, which are held with the participation of leading experts of the center "Alfavil" - one of the leading Russian professionals in educational services, participate in charity events together with the Jewish center for curative education, implement their own volunteer and social projects, attend Jewish events of the capital, and they are actively involved in the development of the children's program Limmud-Moscow.

Studying in Jewish schools and interacting with their peers, these teenagers also form part of a larger project - "The integration of children with special needs in the Moscow Jewish community." In frame of the program for teenagers a platform for the meeting of Jewish students from different schools in Moscow was created in JCC on Nikistkaya, because it is so important not to get lost offline in a BIG CITY.

Director: Pavel Miloslavin

Address: 47/2 Bolshaya Nikitskaya

Tel: +7-495-787-45-60, +7-495-787-45-67