Teenager club “Atslaha” (Samara)

Teens club «הצלחה» (Atslaha), which is on the 5thfloor of business center with all-round city view, got its name in a such way: once, we have discussed with our Rabbi, Rabi Alexander, what motivating words are there in Hebrew, and we stopped at this word Atslaha is success, the name tells about us.  

At the moment there are such projects and studios in our club, where teens from 12 to 18 can get new, and sometimes very rare skills: 

  • AJTorah
  • Dance Leaders
  • AJT Brand
  • Madrihim school
  • Kabbalat Sabbat 
  • Community volunteering

A year ago we had a few active people, but now we have grown from 5 up to 15-20 people. The further – the more!

Our social networks: Instagram

The heads of the club: Ilishaev Daniil, Kisileva Yana 
Address:  57 4thproezd, 5thfloor, office 

Phone number: 8(903)304-51-64 ; 8(906)342-47-42