Teenage Club (Samara)

It's not a secret that for a very long time there was no teenage-youth club in "Care-Hesed Esther", and Hesed mainly dealt with the issues of helping elderly people, disabled people and families at risk.

But in 2015 everything changed! In the autumn 2015 first teenagers from Samara went to the AJT seminar in Kazan and returned so inspired that they were eagerly waiting new seminars.

Our AJT activists are promoting their projects! The project of Yana Kiseleva "Boomerang of Good" turned into a volunteer project "Shabbat in every house". Yana bakes chalas, and together with other young activists visit houses of elderly people where they organise Kabbalat Shabbat. Lonely elderly people are very happy to host such dear guests!

In December 2015, there was another fateful event, namely, the first teenage Shabbaton, where 25 tens from Jewish families took part. The event turned out to be not only interesting, but also very unusual - for 3 days young people took part in a unique quest to find the treasure, created their own images of super heroes and discussed the Jewish answer to "The most important question of life, the universe and all this" - " to change the world for the better".

Since then, in Samara, there have already been three traveling Shabbatons for teenagers! We are especially proud for the last one: this Shabbaton passed absolutely in accordance with the principles of AJT! All the activities were carried out by teenagers themselves: Beit Midrash, Shabbat and Avdalla!

Director: Liberman Aleksandr.

Address: Samara, the 4th passage,57, of.218.

Tel: 8(846)207-16-62,207-16-63