Teenage Club (Krasnoyarsk)

In Krasnoyarsk, the idea to create a teenage club was created in 2012 by graduates of "Metsuda Russia" project ¬ Kristina Tsiris and Misha Drannikov. They developed a one-year program of the club, which was divided into several blocks, interconnected and united by a common theme. The program included following blocks:

- theatre circle

- design of costumes,

- cooking lessons,

- creative workshop,

- studio of journalism.

Within the framework of the project, teenagers not only learned about the history and culture of their people, their historic homeland, but also gained immense experience in organizing and holding Jewish events: holidays, master classes, charitable events. Young people tried on different roles in accordance with the skills acquired in the club: for example, on Rosh Ha Shanah, teenagers represented their collection of clothes, where they themselves were models.

Or, as journalists wrote articles and interviewed on holidays.

A new round of development the club received thanks to the project AJT. Our city at this seminar was presented by Ilya Haiduk. We can say, that Ilya grew up in the Jewish community and from the very beginning he is an activist. Already today, teenagers are implementing projects such as: thematic Shabbat, where the children tell interesting facts about Israeli cinema, education, about innovations etc. And almost on every holiday there is "Toy Library". Games Mafia, Alias, Jerusalem mix have already become favourites in our city.

Head of the club: Litvinova Arina

Address: Krasnoyarsk, Kirova str. 23 A

Tel: 89232862695