Mishpaha Gdola (Ulyanovsk)

Club of young Jews in Ulyanovsk was established in 1996. In those days there were few activists, about 10 people, but gradually the organization grew. Various workshops on Jewish culture, history and Hebrew studies were very attractive to boys and girls who want to learn and understand their roots.

During only one year of existence the organization has grown to 30 people. There were programs that have become regularly held in the club. Every interesting idea immediately received strong support from community members and was put into practice with great enthusiasm and inspiration.

To date, the number of young people has increased by 10 times! About 300 people are involved in activities of the Jewish Youth Association. Of course, modern rapid pace of life does not allow to gather so many people at the same time, but each member of the club tries, wherever possible, to participate actively in ongoing activities.

"Mishpaha Gdola" has great experience in implementing complex projects, was repeatedly engaged in organization and holding of mass events for children, teenagers, young people, families and elderly.

Head of the club: Alexandra Groznova 

Address: 105 Lenin str

Тel: 8422416286; 89603791700