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"Online - Newspaper" project (Saratov)

On the eve of Hanukkah, Zakharuk Daria (Lemon Club, Saratov) launched the second phase of the "Online - Newspaper" project.

At this stage, participants created an exhibition of essays and photos from the life of the community. All the works are presented in the hall during the Hanukkah week. The whole community was united in process of  designing the exhibition: employees of Hesed, pupils of the Jewish school and elderly clients of the center.

During one of sessions of the youth club, teenagers together with the head of the club and Dasha have discussed the topic "My community and I". After that, teens were asked to draw a community of their dreams. The drawings depicted luxurious three-story buildings with rooms and panoramic windows.

For the exhibition, young people were invited to write an essay on the topic: "My community and I." Literally, everyone was willing to participate in the development of this project. In his essay the student of the Saratov Jewish school Herman Zhdanov writes:

- What does the community mean to me? Maybe it's a Synagogue or a Jewish school, or a youth project AJT? In my opinion, no. The Jewish community is not a specific place, it is, first off all, people who come together, preserving and passing on the traditions and customs of the Jewish people, its history. People, with whom I really feel well, thanks to whom I can proudly say: "I am a Jew". The Jewish community, for me, is no longer just people united by any common interests or goals, it is a family that will never turn away from me, family which always helps and teaches everything. I am truly glad that I am a part of this large family - the Jewish community of Saratov city.

After processing photos, exhibition with all works was organized in Hesed on the entrance. To create it, photos that demonstrate different periods of the community life were printed. All the teenagers were keen on the preparation: someone glued the framework for photos, someone drew letters for the headlines ... The exhibition "My community and I" will be presented till the end of Hanukkah.