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Hanukkah ceremony of rewarding "Person of the Year 2017" (Yekaterinburg)

Hanukkah is a time of miracles, a time of light, a holiday when something special can happen to everyone.In Yekaterinburg we have decided to organize a small celebration for our own “lights” - activists of teenage and youth clubs: the Hanukkah ceremony of rewarding the "Person of the Year 2017".

The goal of this party of the year was to celebrate the achievements of young people who have been in the community for a long time and recently, but do a lot for the community, th give them the opportunity to relax and just have fun in the company of their friends. We really wanted to show young people how important their activities are for the community and that we love and appreciate them.

If you ask: "How was the ceremony?", we would answer: "Successfully, great, cool, just wow!". "Person of the Year" has gathered all activists of teenage and youth clubs from Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil, and the awards were given to them not by ordinary people, but by the activists of the community of the 90s: people who once created the community, as well as representatives of the JDC (where activists of the 90s also work). This way we have tried to show the connection of generations. Awards that were given were related to personal successes of activists, demonstrating, what they can be called professionals.

After the official part, there was performance of amazing Maria Katseva - the winner of the World Contest of Hebrew song "Hallelujah", the finalist of the show "X-Factor" and the project "The Voice" in Ukraine, the participant of the TV show "Success" on STS with the group Dr .Joy. who made our evening even more exciting, and during the event we had a terrific photographer Alisa Volosnikova, so as a result we received delightful photos that will preserve the memory from our Hanukkah and  "Person of the Year 2017" for a long time.

Well and finally - the list of winners in nominations:

Volunteer of the Year - Asya Saranina

The best friend of  children - Asya Saranina and Daria Levinson

Madrich of the Year - Ilya Ryabkov and Alexandra Anatskaya

The best announcement - Daria Levinson and Inna Balaba

Speech of the year - Shadow Theater in the children's camp. It was invented and created by the participants and madrihs of the children's camp.

The best video - Clip with the title "Ural Jewish Fest'17", the main roles in which were performed by Mark Kondrashkin, Dmitry Katsman, Tamir Novgorodov, Anna Rozvizeva, Polina Uster, Evelina Brook, and others.

The best presenter - Lev Zelyakh

Debut of the Year - Dmitry Lvov

Loyalty to the community - Boris Rakhlin

The project of the year - TED-cafe (Anastasia Novikova)

Hope for tomorrow - Inna Balaba

The Universal Man - Dmitry Yudin

The responsibility of the year - Anastasia Novikova

A special contribution to the activities of the Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil communities -Tatyana Drozdova

Man of the Year - Anastasia Novikova

Looking for familiar faces, congratulate them and be happy! And most importantly, remember that everything you do in your communities is incredibly important and valuable.