Teenagers club AJT Habarovsk


The teens movement in Habarovsk has just started its work. Despite the fact that we are young, and not only according to the age, we really want to become real jewish leaders. First AJT teenager meetings took place in November 2018. For more than 2 month of our excisting we have already formed an active team, our teens have taken part in young leaders AJT Conference, are going to educational seminar in AJT Ural\Volga\Siberia in Saratov. The youth spend time very actively, welcome Shabbats with their friends, watch jewish movies, play, walk and a lot of other things that they like to do together. 

Teens like to cook something together, get familiar with kosher cooking. That is how the project “Kosher or terefa” – this is a cooking project, where we learn how to cook Jewish kosher dishes “despite our terefa world around us”

The head: Timofeeva Yuila, Antonova Liubov 
Phone number: 8 (914)1982307, 8(914)5469016

Address: 680000, Habarovsk, 45 Frunze, Jewish community center 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.