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The first seminar of International school of madrichim AJTeam in 2019 for teenagers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

The international school of madrihim AJTeam is a direction of the AJT youth movement, which works on the training of qualified, professional madrichim for work in communities, summer camps, and also events, seminars and special projects of AJT (Active Jewish Teens). 

The first seminar of the International school of madrichim AJteam took place in Kazan on March 22-24, and there were participants from all-FSU AJT youth movement from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. 

The whole course of AJTeam, just like the previous year, consists of 3 seminars. The educational course is given simultaneously for 2 groups: 1stgroup – (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova), 2ndgroup – (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and for the very first time starting this year, Kyrgyzstan). At the third, final seminar, both groups work together. 

The seminar for the first group was held by informal educators and madrihim work specialists: Alexey Lidovskiy (Ukraine), Tanya Brosh (Israel), Alyona Adrionatiy (Lviv). At the first seminar, the emphasis was made on planning and classes preparation, forms for their realization, informal education, madrich roles and duties when working in a group. 

There was a lot of practice, training, and also work analysis due to which it was possible to understand how madrich work is structured and why. The seminar participants received a lot of “tools” for leading classes, which they will have to perform very soon since now. As it is planned, each rising madrich of AJT has to perform 3 full classes on 3 topics in their cities, in their communities. So, by the second seminar, they will have brought an extract of their class, to share with other participants of AJTeam 2019, perform it in the group and get professional feedback. 

Besides, at the seminar, there were last year international school of madrihim graduates working: Egor Fialo (Kazan), Sonya Velikanova (St.Petersburg), Polina Karsonova (Kazan) and Tamir Novgorodov (Ekaterinburg). It was a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their skills, which they gained last year on the project. The madrichs performed a few events for participants (including Shabbath welcoming and Havdalah), and also they did a great work arranging the group process at the seminar.