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“Purim Erudition Day” which has already become a traditional event has taken place in Rostov-on-Don

This year we – YTC Miseba decided to try a new format of performing. The event was held simultaneously for teenagers and their parents. The common topic was “We are the characters of different universes”. As there is a Jewish literature term come to the end in Rostov community, we chose 4 books (4 different book worlds): Harry Potter, The Treasure Island, Buratino (Pinocchio story), and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Each participant of the event received his own “Pur” at the entrance and realized his belonging to one of the book’s worlds. Each group got the task to write the Purim story using the world and characters from the given book. Of course, each of the groups was accompanied by one of the familiar heroes: Bazilio cat, professor Treloni, Willi Wonka and doctor Livsy. Besides the story composing, the participants should have created a really amazing book world around.

Further experiences couldn’t happen without any surprises. By the beginning of the April, open voting for one of the made stories is held, and the group which wins in this competition will get a theme photo session for all group participants and their families as a prize.

At the end of the event, the leaders of youth-teenager club communicated with the parents and teenagers about the fact that the club is changing now and what is going on inside the club, about upcoming J-Serve day and many other opportunities both for kids and their parents.

Very warm feedbacks were given both by teens and their parents who attended the event. One of the participants told us: “I love Harry Potter stories, but I have never thought, that it is possible to do such things and enjoy them: I decorated Hogwarts emblem and talked about Esther Potter. It is an amazing feeling! The story heroes can be so close to me”

One participant’s mother thanked for the opportunity to remember and learn such different compositions and bring them to Purim.

All the participants were excited about all activities happened on Purim Erudition Day.