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J-Serve Day in Krivoy Rog was held for kids from the foster home

On April 7, all participants of “Be Jewish” teens club (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine) joined the JSERVE DAY 2019 – the international day of Jewish youth volunteering. They became the initiators of volunteer action “Believe in ourselves”. The goal of the action was to pass through the photograph the light, smile, and kindness of a child from a foster home, so they could see this and looked at themselves from outside. As a result, we made a portrait pictures A4 size and printed them. This action was held for kids from Apostolovo social-psychological rehabilitation center “Nadezhda”. 

Nowadays, when people have modern technologies and social networks, real-life communication is very important. The team of volunteers of our club set a goal – not just take pictures but also to talk to them, play and spend a good time. In order to accomplish this, we took a few board games, played active games in groups and just walked outside. Everybody was involved, even the foster home carers. 

To make kids feel comfortable during the photo session, we prepared a few photo zones and a small beauty room. Before the photo session girls were provided with hairdos and boys meanwhile were posing for the camera. The teens, who took pictures, shared their impressions: “Every child had a beautiful smile and we wanted to show it in the pictures. The key moment of trust and relax during the photo session was the smile from our side. We smiled at them, and they responded/ It was very helpful to establish the contact and try to develop children. We succeed in this!”

When we looked through the pictures, we noticed that all of them were sincere and light. There was no theatrics from the volunteers who arrived there, and it was reflected in the photo of kids from the foster home. 

The goal that we set has been reached! The next step is to bring the printed pictures to the children. Our volunteers are looking forward to this moment. And it is very important to admit that they are ready to go to foster homes, in order to communicate and spend time with children: “The communication and attitude are important things in our lives.”