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The regional AJT seminar Moldova took place in Chisinau. 

On March 28-31, the AJT seminar MOLDOVA took place in the suburbs of Chisinau city, where teenagers from 4 cities participated: Chisinau (YC HAVERIM), Bălți (YC PikaJew), Tiraspol and Rîbnița. The 4 days program was quite loaded with sessions about leadership and informal education principals. Every participant of the seminar had an opportunity to show their team and organizing skills, and graduates – to prepare the evening event. 

The AJT president Inna Beznosova and the congressman of Moldova region Ilya Prodan told about teens leadership network AJT opportunities for each participant of the seminar. The teens had an opportunity to learn about different AJT directions and understand the way they interact with each other. 

The invited Jewish educator and coordinator of AJTorah Sergey Mitrofanov performed a session on the topic of the month and the year. Now each participant knows about Yemenite Jews. The traditional dance, songs, famous Yemenite Jews, their history – all these directions which AJTeens learned the month topic in. 

The coordinator AJT Moldova Daria Kotorobai told about the volunteering and who a volunteer is, and also about the trial project FreeDOM starting in Chisinau, what challenges they had and what achievements they are proud of. 

Alla Magas – the founder of AJT network brought some special charming in the seminar. Sessions about motivation, assistance in analyzing and planning the projects. 

«The sessions which I visited were very inspiring for me. The motivational session by Alla pushed me to the action and Dashas session let me understand that we all are unique and we shouldnt think with stereotypes. Also, I was happy to know AJT better, now I feel that it is something dear to my heart YC HAVERIM participant Sofi Weinberg (Chisinau city) shared her impression. 

The key moments of the seminar were Shabbat and Havdalah, their atmosphere was created with the help of the guitars and musicians, song-leaders Eva Stupka and Ilya Prodan, as well as Alla Magas. New nigguns and motives of such usual songs and blessings, the feeling of unity and entity, musical instruments created the mood for the whole seminar, created the feeling of specialty and immensity. 

The defining day for the seminar was one of project creating: graduates had an opportunity to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of their projects, and share their opinion with new participants. And new participants presented their new projects which they are going to start up in their communities next month. The madrihim of the seminar Eva Stupka, Alexandra Frekauzan, Karina Karabadzhak, and Alla Magas became the best assistants for teens during the entire 4 days. 


 «.. This was my first seminar and omg it was something !!! On the first day, I barely understood anything, but on the second day, I got used and joined the flow. The atmosphere covered me like a great wave, it will just suffice to mention dances, songs, and sessions. Now I really miss the undersleep, productive and informative days. The free time I have now I dedicate to Jewish tradition learning and project workPikaJew participant Nikita Mamaichuk (Bălți). 


«The seminar brought me plenty of excitement and ideas. These 4 days flew very fast, but most productively. Every day I collected diamonds to my knowledge box and I will keep doing it. I am sure, AJT will help with this just like no one other. Due to the seminar, I managed to analyze my project: to see the success and failures. I was leaving with a feeling of satisfaction and ease…”AJT activist Sofia Stambulskaya (Rîbnița)


The seminar was really productive, as there were new projects created for community and teenagers. Soon the entire AJT will find out about them. 

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