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Cooking battles in Novosibirsk 

The project by Lilya Muhamedishina “Cooking battles” started in September 2018. Since that moment there had been a lot of different meetings and covered all different generations. We tried to compete between boys and girls, who cooks scrambled eggs better. On Hannukkah Day, this project helped us to learn traditional Hannukkah dishes – latkes and donuts. We competed in baking pastries and other routine things. 

Last two month we even tried to compete with our moms! (Guess, who has won :))

The last time we cooked Homentash with the younger generation. 

Lilya's project brought back the fame for cooking projects in the community and united teenagers in one, interesting activity. 

This is what Lilya tells us about her project: «My project influenced me and my life dramatically. I gained great experience in this direction. I have become more organized and learned how to plan my sessions. Also, I receive great motivation from my project and participants. »