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AJTravel: Sumy – Krivoy Rog 

April 26-28 the teenager club «Kohavim», Sumy city, visited teens club Be Jewish Krivoy Rog as a part of a program AJTravel. Youngsters from both clubs were getting ready for this trip for a few months. There was an active program arranged for them – acquainting the club, club’s projects, Jewish Krivoy Rog, its interesting places and sessions by participants. 

On the first day, guys met the Krivoy Rog community and kids from the club, then they went together to play bowling and get to know each other. After that, in the community center, Ivan Kravchenko performed a session about the Passover – “Passover. Did Moses have a choice”, as a part of project AJTorah. Then everybody welcomed Shabbath together in a very warm atmosphere and went for an evening walk. 

On the second day, the teens visited industrial excursions, which open some peculiarities and interesting facts about Krivoy Rog city. They performed a session outside, at a picturesque Canyon. Also, when they came back to the community, the project of Dasha Shabal “Girl’s club” was introduced to the club Be Jewish, everybody was able to take part in this project. At the end of the day, there was Havdallah, after which everybody spent the evening dancing, talking and getting to know each other better.  

The evening walk was unusual, as they got acquainted with evening Jewish Krivoy Rog. 

On the third day, on Sunday teens had an opportunity to visit one of the youngest synagogues in Europe “Beis Stern Shulman.” In the place, they visited the Jewish Museum of the private collection of Marmer Mikhail Illarionovich, which still keeps becoming more complete by the showpieces of those who want to save the memory of Jewish people. Also, we got to praying hall and saw aron ha-qodesh. After that, we walked around Jewish streets of the city (there is a city library currently there). Teens went home very happy, receiving a great amount of impressions memories and cool pictures. 

During all the trip teens from Kohavim were discussing the travel and were planning the next one. We want to express gratitude to AJT for the opportunity to travel and teens club Be Jewish for hospitality and opportunity to learn more about the club and the city.