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AJTravel: Chisinau - Dnepr

May 3-5, as a part of AJTravel project the teens club “Haverim” from Chisinau city, came to Dnipro. Teens from “Shahar” were getting ready for this meeting and were looking forward to the meeting. The program was full of sessions and excursions which teens prepared by themselves.

Nastya Fursova performed a session about Instagram promotion (personal one and club one), as this topic is very up-to-date at the moment. Also, Yana Kravchenko performed a session, as a part of her project “ArtShahar” and teenagers created a picture together. Alexander Himich, the participant of Haverim, performed a movie Midrash on the AJT month topic. One of the brightest sessions, which was highlighted by teenagers, was Song session from Eva Stupka and Kostya Shevchenko. 

Of course, Shabbath and Havdallah were not forgotten.  

Shabath was saturated with a family holiday atmosphere, not as we had met 10 hours before, but as if we had known each other for the entire life. The teens had an opportunity to cook their meal by themselves and set the Sabbath table. After the traditional Kabbalat Shabbat with songs and prayers, teenagers were involved in an interesting Oneg Shabath, when they had an opportunity to get to know each other better. And of course, there was a heartwarming and atmosphere Havdallah, which turns into the event with songs and dances, which was arranged by “Haverim” – Chisinau-Dnipro evenings. 

Also, it was cool that besides Chisinau, there were some other guests from Krivoy Rog and Zaporozhje, and the congressman of Dnipro region Sasha Gorodetskyy.  

That is, what Yana Kravchenko, the participant of «Shahar», say about our meeting:

«This AJTravel was very successful. During these3 days we became real friends with teens from Chisinau. We were telling them about Dnipro and generally about Ukraine, and they told us a lot of interesting facts about Moldova. We were communicating a lot about our teen's clubs and exchanging the experience. It was super interesting to prepare a program for our guests and we wanted to show as much as possible in Dnipro and in the community, and I think we made it. It was very cheerful and family Shabath and atmosphere Havdallah, which made us closer as never before. We really appreciate Chisinau for coming, and we will be always happy to see them in our “Shahar”. 

Everybody mentioned that during these 3 days they become closer and felt the family and warm atmosphere.

Thanks to everybody who was with for these 3 days, it was really unforgettable and interesting.