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Riga – the partner of AJT (by Maksym Korolev)

Two years ago, Latvia found out about AJT and they became friends. So far it is difficult to notice us, as we became AJT participants not so long ago, but we are trying to understand traditions and structure of AJT and every year we take a bigger and bigger part in AJT life. What we are really grateful to AJT, it is for projects. 

The idea of projects came to our community after the Baltic region and AJT became friends, so due to this, we got 4 wonderful projects. You might say: “4? Not a lot”, but I would tell you that there are two reasons for that: the first one is that in my home community we got used only to Friday events, and the second one is partially connected to the first one – teenagers or active participants got used to the fact that community = Friday – they like to fill their time with different hobbies and on other days they are busy , that is why it is impossible sometimes to find suitable time for projects, well, let me get back to the topic. 

This project was founded by me. Its main task is to provide the community with creative and unusual “merch”, which will not only make the community recognizable but also will help financially. In February we send a party of designed T-shirts to the USA, you can see tees below. 

Generation To Generation
The idea of the project is to remember previous and old generations, which can share great knowledge about Jewish life. Besides getting new knowledge teens to learn a very important part of Judaism – tzedakah or if to say in different words – volunteering. But the participants are not the only ones to receive benefits, also those people who are visited by teens get some advantages – the senior generation. They are often lonely and need a company, that is why our teens support them this way. 

Jew beyahad Dance
This project is a prototype of AJT Dance Leaders. But I think everybody would agree with the fact that dancing is a big part of our culture. But if we don’t want the culture to disappear, we have to pass it constantly from generation to generation, and also it is an active and fun way to spend time, that’s why such projects are necessary. 

Press corps
Despite the name, this project doesn't have anything in common with interviews and the news, vise versa this is a YouTube channel, which is dedicated for not only entertainment but also for education. Recently kids have broadcasted the video for Passover, about kosher matzoth cooking.