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Teenage club AJT Kazan "Аmong themselves" took part in the event for cleaning and caring for the graves of the Jewish part of the Arsk cemetery of the city of Kazan

The memory of the past is always important in a civilized society. We can express this memory by caring about the condition of the graves of our ancestors, regardless of whether they are blood or not.

It is also customary in the Jewish tradition to keep order at the graves of deceased relatives. Therefore, the Kazan Jewish community "Hesed Moshe" and the Volunteer center “Atikva” organize an annual event for cleaning and caring for the abandoned graves of the Jewish part of the Arsk cemetery of the city of Kazan.

At the cemetery, there are two alleys with Jewish burials. Unfortunately, most of the graves are abandoned. Many relatives repatriated to Israel and other countries and cannot monitor the proper condition of the graves of their relatives.

Despite the bad weather, many people have come to support this honourable tradition. Pupils of the Jewish school and their parents, as well as participants of the AJT Kazan teenage club "Among themselves" began the event by paying tribute to the memory of Major General F.M. Krasavin, laying a wreath at his monument with the inscription “To the Liberator of Auschwitz prisoners”. It was timed to commemorate the Holocaust victims and heroes of the resistance celebrated on May 2.

After that, the volunteers set about cleaning the abandoned graves of the Jewish alley. They cleaned fallen leaves, swept paths, washed monuments. Such events make us feel the community and give a sense of unity with the past. This annual campaign is an excellent example of the integrity of the Jewish people and allows to bring up the younger generation in accordance with our traditions.

We are very grateful to all those who responded and joined us despite the bad weather and provided all possible assistance in cleaning the abandoned Jewish graves at Arsk cemetery.