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A seminar for AJT youth club leaders took place in Kyiv

Аtraditional seminar for directors of teenage and youth clubs, which are included in the International teenage network of AJT(Active Jewish Teens), was held in Kyiv. At this day AJT unites 60 teenage clubs in 7 countries of FSU (the Former Soviet Union).

Leaders of 30 clubs took part in this seminar. The meeting had several goals: first, exchange of experience - the presentation of each club, a story about successes, current activities and future plans, secondly, the adjustment of club tactics in accordance with the strategic mission announced by AJT Director Alla Magas, and correct using the basic tools and capabilities that exist in AJT to achieve it.

All participants were divided into 3 groups, for which special educational units were held on the principle of a turntable every day at the same time:

"I am a Leader"- the program was useful for both beginners and well-trained managers. How to work effectively, identifying the strengths of each and your type of leadership, building relationships with the participants and the leadership of the community, conflicts and their solutions. Great emphasis was placed on the necessary skills and responsibilities of directors.

"The work of the club"- the course allowed the directors to reflect on the club's mission, the criteria for its success and effectiveness. The structure of clubs, the features of supporting teen projects and activities were considered during the working sessions.

"Jewish education"- the course was taught by a Jewish educator, a coordinator of the AJTorah direction, Sergey Mitrofanov. Work with Jewish texts, orientation in the theme of the year and the themes of the months of AJT, tools for building quality classes with Jewish content are the main accents in this block.

After discussing the participants' expectations, the seminar organizers added 2 sessions: social media marketing (SMM) and work with specific target audiences (teenagers and their parents).

On these dates, from May 15 to 19, a seminar of volunteer center coordinators, the Volunteer Community FSU International Conference and a working meeting of the coordinators of youth programs Metsuda, Knafaim, and Lehava were also held. The presence of many leaders of Jewish communities from the FSU in the same territory made it possible to build effective networking.

The seminar culminated in a joint Shabbat and Havdalah attended by over 250 people from different countries, from the three key and most popular Joint projects in the CIS, as well as the “Volunteer Project Fair” organized by volunteers from Volunteer Community FSU.

The previous seminars showed how necessary meetings of people looking in the same direction and engaged in a common cause, albeit at a great distance from each other. And these days were no exception. Inspired and motivated directors of teen and youth clubs have already returned to their cities and with new forces began to develop Jewish youth clubs in the FSU.