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Lag BaOmer in Kazan

Lag BaOmer is the thirtieth day of Omer, which is celebrated as a holiday when people usually go for picnics, stoke the fires and do archery. On this day, the majority of people visit the mountain Meron in Israel where the grave of a great wise rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai is located, and Lag BaOmer is an anniversary of his death.

The AJT teens club «Sredi svoih» in Kazan was not able to visit the mountain but they managed to celebrate this day outside on the territory of country hostel place“Regina-Petrovskoe”. The children prepared the sport-stational game, in which participants received a code, which they had to unpuzzle in the end. The code covered the name Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai – the greatest wise man. He is the author of the book Zogar, the main labor of Kabbala – the mystery Torah studying. 

When the game finished, the coordinator of AJTorah direction Maria Shurkina told the kids about the main customs and traditions of the holiday, and then there was a snack-lunch with sausages, fried on the barbecue with fresh vegetables, and of course, there were marshmallows. 

On the 26 of May, the AJT teenagers celebrated Eco Day. That is the reason why our activist Konstantin Pogoreltsev performed a session “Environmental pollution and methods of fighting it”. The kids were discussing the ways to help nature, which actions can take each of us to protect the environment. After the discussion the children made 2 beautiful boxes for trash separating. Now they stand in our teen's club and each of us can participate and help.