• AJT, a JDC program in affiliation with BBYO      
  • Russian

A family Shabbat, organized by AJT club - NAAR, took place in Ekaterinburg

The activists planned the event by themselves, made up cool and interesting stations, where teens could «be active» together with their parents. They could learn Jewish dance with Anna Rozvizeva, participate in kosher dishes cooking with Olesya Buravova and Masha Moiseenko – the food we ate all together at Shabbat table.

There was a «discussion» station by Arina Rais and Mark Kondrashkin, that became the icing on the cake, where participants talked about  Shabbat commandments, and they had an opportunity to discuss all questions that they had. No way it happened without music.  On the station “songs” the song leader Sonya Pivenshtein taught the participants the motives which are sung during Shabbat. After that everybody gathered to welcome Saturday with the ceremony of Kabbalat Shabbat. 

The atmosphere was very soulful, cozy and family. It was so touching to see that tens bring their friends, parents, who had never been to the community and they showed the “Menorah”, acquainted them with the participants and told what and where was happening.  Thanks to won-der-ful teens, who organized “family shabes” and everybody who came. 

If you think that cool events in NAAR finished, you are so wrong) We haven’t told you about one more “past days” event yet. 

And it took place on the April 29 in Ekaterinburg AJT club NAAR. The event was a cozy home party. The participants of the club (and also older friends of NAAR) gathered to enjoy each-others art in a warm company and cozy atmosphere. What was on the program? Let us introduce it: 1) poems in all languages of the world, from Russian to Latin, of famous authors or their own ones; 2) Solo and chorus songs, with the guitar, ukulele, and gusli (gusly now id our new love); 3) the pearls of classic and other music on our “local”piano. The home party was dedicated to Passover celebration, the main idea of which id freedom – not only from Egyptian slavery but from our own fears, somebody else’s opinion, freedom of speaking and self-expression. Everybody could share something important, without fears or shame, and drink the cacao with marshmallows and snack the vegan candies (made by volunteers) during the break. The home party ended with Havdalah ceremony and new motives from already mentioned song leader Sonya Pivenstein, who fixed wonderful atmosphere of warmth, coziness, inspiration and allNAAR friendship. The new week was welcomed by inspired and free kids, in all meanings of these words.