• AJT, a JDC program in affiliation with BBYO      
  • Russian

End of a season 2018-2019 in Ekaterinburg teenage club AJT NAAR

All the participants of the club (and even old-timers, who are a little older than age limits of NAAR) met together to remember all good, wonderful and amazing moments that happened to them during the season. But it is not NAAR-like to sit sadly and elegize, so teens chose a way more interesting option... 

1)    Got a cocktail from the main barmen of the club Sofia Rotaru Shitova 

2)    Split into 2 teams according to the colour of their cup 

3)    Started a marathon of intellectual-nostalgic games: starting with “black square”(guessing of hidden zones on pictures of the season) finishing with “songs backward”(guessing songs sung by golden voices of the cub ! backward)

After winning all the games together, there started the most interesting part of the evening: giving of those participants who had made this season really unforgettable and cool! 

The activists of the club, new NAAR “stars” and the best club staff went on the scene to perform their speeches (about their success and its secrets) and to receive a present – club merch, like T-shirts, cups or stickers. 

The Havdalah in open air followed all that joy performed by a song-leader Sonya Pivenstein, after that everybody came back to the club to enjoy favorite Israeli dances – as the way you end the season, the same way you will have the next one spent.