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A regional Shavuot Night has taken place in Dnipro (Ukraine)

A significant event in the Jewish history is giving of the Torah. The holiday Shavuot is dedicated to the event. One of the most important traditions is the Torah studying during the night. On June 8-9, there was a regional Shavuot Night in teenage club Shahar. 60 participants from different Ukrainian teens clubs gathered in Dnipro to spend this holiday night and get a lot of bright emotions, but what is more important – new knowledge!

On the program, there were sessions from AJTorah project coordinator Sergey Mitrofanov, from AJT program coordinator Oksana Mantuzova, sessions from the participants of teens club Shahar, Jewish Dnipro tour, cooking workshop, movie midrash and also a very interesting quest.


This is the review by one of the Shahar club participants Veronika Mishenko: 

“This was my first Shavuot night. And it was really cool and bright. I had plenty of positive emotions. Besides the fact that there was a lot of entertainment that night, there also was a great amount of new knowledge and useful information. I would like to give thanks for the organization, and also to Sergey Mitrofanov for interesting and knowledgeable lections. Frankly speaking, I have been to many lectures of different people, but this person speaks very excitingly and without standard boring phrases, that you want to listen to him more and more. Also, there was an interesting session from Oksana Mantuzova. Her session gave a great opportunity to hear our inner self. The cooking workshop was amazing! It was a lot of fun! And again I want to appreciate everybody who was a part of this wonderful night!”


The participants of Shahar were very happy to see so many guests, teens noted that they are waiting for future meetings with pleasure and remind that they are ready to meet Dnipro teenagers as a part of AJTravel!