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The regional Shavuot night (Moldova)

On June 8-9 night, the youth club HAVERIM celebrated Shavuot – the holiday of giving the Torah in JCC KEDEM, uniting more than 60 teenagers from Chisinau, Belts, Tiraspol, and Rybnitsa! This time most of the responsibility was taken by teens, as they are the ones who participated actively both in preparation and in performing the sessions. The schedule was tense. Participants were studying the Torah texts in different interactive forms from 8 pm to 7 am. 

Event photo report

The celebration started with the Havdalah ceremony. A special atmosphere was created by candles and AJT favorite nigguns. On the schedule, there was a choice of sessions, which were performed by activists, this way everybody was able to decide what is more interesting for them: to find out about Shavuot’s customs, to debate if the Torah texts are up-to-date, and maybe to demonstrate meanings of the holiday. A cherry on the pie was the Dance-session where teens danced all favorite dances and also learned traditional ones, and, of course, cooking workshop, where teens cooked chia-puddings and yogurt granola. 

The program was prepared by the team of youth club HAVERIM with the help of activists from Teenage Club PIKAJEW (Belts).

Ilya Prodan, the congressman of AJT Moldova region, shared his impressions: As a Moldova congressman, I often had a thought that we have big regional meetings for teenage clubs participants from all over the country more and more frequent. The Shavuot night is a unique event, which impresses with its warm atmosphere. I was among those who performed the session, which became a valuable experience for me and one more step to becoming a leader. I want to express gratitude to my friend Nastya Prashtina for support and common work, and also to all those people who came to our theater session. The Shavuot night has become one more proof that we are one big AJT family!

Our common night ended with feedback, where the participants of youth clubs of Chisinau, Belts, Tiraspol, and Rybnitsa shared their impressions and thought about further cooperation and communication. “It was cool. The Shavuot night helped me not only remember what we already know but also meet with our “second family”. It doesn’t matter how far we are from each other, such events help us to remind ourselves that we have each other” shared Sonya Stambulskaya (Rybnitsia city)

It is important to highlight teens who developed the program, especially Karina Karabadzhak, AJTeam graduate, Avital Kichorman, AJT graduate and AJTeam participant, and Maksim Viknyanskii. Great gratitude to teenagers, who help separate sessions, also made videos and photos of the event. We wouldn’t make it without you! 

Event photo report