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How has the regional Shavuot night influenced the teenage club “JeWorld” in Zaporizhia?

Teenagers were excited by Regional Shavuots Night in Dnipro, which was held on June 8-9, so they were looking forward to the annual Shavuot celebration in Zaporizhia. The “JeWorld” club participants have decided to spend the holiday in a new interesting place, that is why they left the city for the Historical periods park, to spend this evening with use while studying customs and traditions of the holiday.

30 people joined up to learn something new and spend time in a good way. 

When they reached the overnight place, the teenagers started to create Shavuot attributes. Someone made a drawing, somebody a handmade, and somebody composed a poem about the holiday.  

The congressman of the region Aleksandr Gorodetskyy accomplished a fascinating session about the history and traditions of this holiday. He told the kids about The Ruth Book and about the life of the famous woman. Also, teens were studying Commandments, which were given to our people at the mountain Sinai. They discussed the importance of each commandment. 
Olga, 13,: “I have heard about a powerful woman Ruth for the very first time. I was impressed by her strength and inner power. For me, she is an example of a real woman.”

Vsevolod, 16, “I didn't use to like history as it seemed boring and uninteresting for me, and now, after Sasha's session, I want to know more traditions and historical facts about the Jewish holidays. Now I accept history completely differently, and I am ready to do my best to help to keep the memory about the past events as long as possible”

Before the delicious fancy dinner, participants were involved in the competitions and contests. When they became hungry, everybody sat at the tables with holiday treats, which had milk dishes as an important part.

After the end of the celebration, teens didn't want to go to sleep. Everybody enjoyed watching the movie and it turned out to become a movie night. The delicious ice-cream was a pleasant addition. 

Eva, 16, “Thank you for such a great evening. Despite the fact that the schedule was busy, I relaxed and inspired myself. Also, it is nice to gain some new knowledge which I am sure I will need in future”