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Spending time in nature with friends or having interesting studies? You don’t need to choose anymore, you can combine them at the AJT Eco Festival Ukraine

One of the favorite events of AJT teenagers Eco Festival was held from July 17 to 21 in the Carpathians. The festival was attended by participants from Ukraine and Moldova. During 5 days children were exploring the theme of AJT year “Such different we”, touching on the topic of the Chinese expatriate community, analyzing current environmental issues and had fun with friends from different cities of Ukraine.

This year there were a lot of experts and teachers at the AJT Eco Festival Ukraine, they are the stars of non-formal education at AJT. Sergey Mitrofanov and Pavel Miloslavin helped participants to understand the history and tradition of the Jewish people. The aspects of Jewish identification in the expatriate community were also explored with their help. Ilya Berezin discussed currently quite popular issues of human-nature balance at his conferences. As a result, during all the days of the Eco Festival, adolescents tried to stop using plastic and started to sort garbage not only in words but in practice. The head of the international teenage network AJT Alla Magas has conducted a series of song conferences that have created an indescribable AJT atmosphere for many years.

Representatives of the AJT parliament (the teenage system of self-government) also carried a heavy load. AJT President Inna Beznosova, parliamentarian of Dnipro region Alexander Gorodetsky and parliamentarian of Kharkiv region Dasha Nazarenko initiated not only a number of children activities besides the main classes but also they held full-fledged events for the participants of the Eco Festival.

Already traditional campaign before Shabbat was a culmination point of these five days. Because only the most enduring people can overcome 1200 meters (it’s the height of Lopata Mountain, which we climbed).   The participants of the Eco Festival were not only very enduring but also incredibly ambitious.

Each Eco Festival is special with its mood, participants and vivid memories. It’s especially pleasant that Dasha Nazarenko kept for us the memories of this year because she was not only a participant but also a photo-reporter of our event!

You can find photos from the Eco Festival at the link