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The grand opening of the new season was held in Saratov

The grand opening of the new season was held in Saratov at AJT & BIG "Lemon Club" on September 14. The festival brought together children of different ages, and each of them was interested.

The opening ceremony began with watching a video from the 5th AJT International Conference in Kyiv, in which more than four hundred teenagers took part. This video showed the new kids the extent of the AJT teenage movement. Then the speech was given to AJT Russia coordinator Marina Mishchenko, who spoke about the mission, project activities and principles of AJT. The evening continued with a fascinating acquaintance. New children were able to get to know the old club members. The questions in the discussion were asked very different and each time they were more and more interesting. The holiday was continued by the fun game “Crocodile”.

Only in the club’s version of the game young people showed various activities the club has been doing throughout the year. During the performance of the teams, the teenagers remembered about volunteering, board games, studying the history and traditions of the Jewish people, Shabbat meetings and much more. Also, the opening was attended by the curator of the volunteer programs of the community center - Semyon Bershtein, who spoke about the opportunities and programs that are currently running. Semyon showed the video of the Volunteer Community conference and answered all questions.

At the end of the holiday, the most interesting part was waiting for the teenagers - an insta quest. During the quest, children participated in creating various thematic photographs. The teenagers took “a yellow photograph,” “a musical photograph,” “a photograph on the beach,” and many others. The kids uploaded all the photos to their Instagram, and at the end of the evening, we were able to see them and enjoy the funny shots. So the opening of the next season of Lemon Club was fun and cheerful. This season a lot of interesting and exciting things will be waiting for the teenagers.