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The opening of a new season in Yekaterinburg

The temperature on the streets of Yekaterinburg is getting lower, and heating does not switch onThe weather in the Urals decided that at the end of September it did not need to be too warm. But we have well-tried facilities from the cold. Preventing each other from freezing/ don’t allowing to freeze each other, we are sinking the ice of your hearts at each of the events organized by AJT activists in NAAR’s.

One of such/these events took place on September 22! We waited. We were getting ready. We could not sleep peacefully from impatience. The opening of the new season!

We knew that this would be a magical and spectacular event for all members of the teenage club, but no one expected that so many of our old friends and newcomers would come to this warm and impossible atmospheric evening. To say that it was great to say nothing!

The teenagers organized interactive stations that allowed everyone to get to know the club’s traditions more closely, learn about the projects of other participants, draw ... In addition, visiting each station, the guys got the opportunity to earn points, and then spend them on our branded things: T-shirts, postcards and badges! It should be noticed that the design of the badges is the merit of the wonderful Leah Krichevskaya!

Thanks very much to everyone who shared these few Sunday hours with us. The opening took place. Wonderful meetings and useful projects are waiting for us in the future. Do not forget that every Friday at 17:00 we meet Shabbat together! We will be glad to see your smiles, ideas, creativity and good mood!

With love, NAAR (because everything needs to be done with love)!