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What will surprise us in the new season at the Noar Shemesh youth club in Minsk

The Noar Shemesh Youth Club brought together 50 active Jewish teenagers under the roof of the community. For some, this was the first, timid, timid step, and someone has come here for many years with a bold gait, removing all obstacles on the way.

We started with Havdallah. Because is there something more unifying and Jewish? We have not found it yet. Even nature helped us with this! And the 'sunny youth' sang their "... nai-nai-nai ..." under the autumn sun, which had appeared after the rain15 minutes before the start.

Our opening was in an official style! Dress code, badges, canapés at the entrance, presentation of the movement  AJTthe club and our projects!

By the way, this year 13 projects will work in the club! And this is not counting the Jewish holidays and Shabbats! Many projects will earn in an updated format or under new names. Also, graduates of the international school of madrichim AJTeam launch their directions. In order not to miss anything, subscribe and follow us on social networks!

After the presentation of the projects, we had an intellectual game - « WWW - What? Where? When? » And the questions were not simple, and from the coordinator of AJT Belarus, for example. Or from a community director!

Starting and final video is a good tradition of the club! And let it stays forever!

For me personally, this has become the most sensual part! When I first look at my evening city and remember the summer, then I understand that I am a part of it. Part of the club, the city, part of something more. When after this I see excerpts from the last year's final video, which was created throughout the season, for which I caught the moments and shots that ended season 5779. When I see the car leaving the video and I understand that last year is over. And a new one has begun. And even if it is difficult, it has begun. And I'm a part of it. And I take this step ...

And after the grand and official opening - after party! There is another tradition after the party and cake.

After the party we relaxed and showed who we really are ...and we are! As beautiful as we are when we laugh at our jokes with a real laugh, not a formal smile. And we sing karaoke no worse than niguns on Havdallah. And we hug as tightly, just because we can, and not because Havdallah ended. And we are happy, not because everything is over, but because everything is just beginning!