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Knowledge night" in the teens club “Miseba” (Rostov)

Traditionally, Knowledge night takes place every year, the very night when you dive in the club atmosphere, talk for the whole night, make jokes and have fun. This time teens became time travelers. Thanks to one of the main projects “We have all ourselves” everybody from the club went through such periods as Stone Age, Bronze Age, Medieval Japan, France in 19th century - all of that became a start of the long and interesting night. 

Diving in the atmosphere of different epochs teens learnt things which were difficult even to be imagined, like while listening to throat singing of Shaman from Altai area, someone is finishing reading a book and going to bed, like while solving Japanese puzzles, Japan citizens start working, like while plumbing the depth of mimes mysteries, French finishes his croissant.  

One of active participants of the club says: 

“We do not have enough time in a day, a week, a month or a year. We do not have enough! That is why we find time and the opportunity to spend time with each other even at night. That is exactly what we did Saturday night till Sunday morning: “Staying a night at your friends”. What usually comes to our mind when we hear this expression? It is different for everyone, but more often we have a pleasant sinking feeling in our hearts, and our body fills with amazing tenderness to those who are standing by. It happens on the condition we talk about one friend, but what if there are a few. And what if besides pillow fighting and cuddling you are expected by interesting quests, movies, sweets and an ocean of cool impressions. Of course, we would like to do that again, because after this night I have only positive emotions and gratitude to those people who made this first overnight in 2020 unforgettable and wonderful. Singing, dancing, discuss, search, find new local jokes, just chat - it is a pleasure to spend time with you whenever and wherever. I am happy that you came and we gave so many happy moments to each other. Looking forward to our next meeting)”