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Changes in AJT 2020 Parliament functioning

Hello, AJT, the 4th Parliament is on line! Recently we have had the first work meeting in Kyiv! On this meeting we introduced our communities, talked about our roles there, discussed initiatives, which are worth to be implemented, performed a session in Lo Domim, and also we concluded that AJT (just like all of us) has grown a lot, that is why our parliament wants to work for strengthening of all that was created. 

Local and regional levels of congressmen work remain the same, but there were some changes made to the Departments system. That is why we really want to tell about new changes and share our plans for February: 

⁃ Education department, responsible for jewish education and improving of project management skills. In February we will continue to implement 2 ideas which were successfully performed by the previous Parliament - webinar and lifehack cheat sheet, and also we decided to bring back Interaction on month topic (different materials, movies, audios etc.) and Norka performance! 

⁃ J-Tech department, which is responsible for our social networks and their content. By the way, if nobody from your city is in amazing Insta Team yet, tell us about it as soon as possible! As this is a unique opportunity to learn about Instagram leading: both club’s one and your personal one. Also expect a little surprise from us this month on the Instagram, in addition there will be some questionnaires and tests.  

⁃ Art and Creativity department, which helps the participants to discover their potential in creating the masterpieces, and also to have a great time accomplishing different challenges. In February you will be able to take part in the first challenge from the department which will check your endurance, and also join the Telegram channel of the Department, where you can take ideas for your lessons and activities in the club (art, creative ideas, music). 

⁃ Communication department, which helps the participants to know each other better and improve the communication among regions. There is  a plan for this month: book of complaints and suggestions functioning renewal, Kahoot competition among communities, new weekly questions and surveys! We are sure, that these new innovations will help to reach new heights and also to spend wonderful time during the entire year!