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This Saturday two clubs in Krivoy Rog celebrated Tu-BiShvat together

This Saturday the teens club «Be Jewish» and youth club  «Sababa» celebrated Tu Bi Shvat in the Community Center «Beit Graham» (Krivoy Rog). 30 people met and wished each other a good week. At the end  of  Havdalah ceremony everybody started to investigate what TuBiShvat is. 

After the video about the holiday, which was a trigger to all the awaiting information about the holiday, the participants divided into 3 groups and started wandering through holiday stations. Informational stations had 3 directions: "TuBiShvat in religion" "New Year of trees in diasporah" and "Holiday in Israel". Religious TuBiShvat was enlighten by Ivan Kravchenko. Michel Kurakin was born in Israel and he told other teens how TuBiShvat is celebrated in Israel. This very station was very popular among guests, there were interesting facts about Tu BiShvat in Israel. And the last station was led by Ruslan Kopiichenko, the madrihim of the youth club. Ruslan told everybody how this holiday is celebrated in non religious diaspora communities and of course how we do it in Krivoy Rog community. 

The top point of the celebration was Tu BiShvat Seder ceremony which was held after the meeting with all three madrihim in the concert hall. Alena Haponenko and the head of teenager club Egor Kolomentsev performed the Seder ceremony. They told what the Seder is and why we have it each year. The participants had an opportunity to play a few games while the Seder process. The holiday was over and guests with all the knowledge and emotions continued the evening with board games.