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The first AJT Ukraine seminar for 58 teenagers from 17 teenage clubs was held in Kharkov from January 30 to February 2

Traditionally, the participants were divided into 2 groups - those who came to their first seminar and those who already have experience working with projects and this seminar is the second for themAn important aspect for us at the seminars is Jewish education. At each seminar of the teenage network, special attention is paid to covering the topic of the year for participants. This year our topic is My Jewish Year”.

Photo report from the seminar

AJTorah coordinator Sergei Mitrofanov told the secrets of our calendar and held an unforgettable Tu B'Shevat seder in a special “100 to 1” style on Sunday night. An hour and a half passed in the same breath for teenagers, and the coordinators and madrichs admitted that they regretted that they are a little older and could not take part in the event as participants.

It is already a tradition to study Jewish holiday songs at a winter seminar in Ukraine. Our friend and song leader Yevgeny Klebanov (Minsk) at his sessions made the participants fall in love with a Jewish song and now we are waiting for an increase in the number of musical projects in cities. 

The participants, who first participated in a seminar of our network, after studying the structure of organizations and presenting their clubs, analyzing the directions needed in a Jewish teen club, got acquainted with project management from Violetta Koshina. And they already started writing their first projects at the seminar. Viola worked with graduates to improve and analyze their activities.

In addition to analyzing projects and topics new to our graduates covered in the program, participants had the opportunity to take responsibility, without which a Jewish teenage event is impossible. The guys, under the careful guidance of teachers and madrikhs, prepared Kabbalat Shabbat and team building for the whole seminar, conducted “boker tov” and activities between sessions.

The great honor of our seminar is the team of madrichs. The leaders of the Neurim club in Lviv Yulia Ondis, Nikolaev Community of Jewish Culture Valeria Samoshina, youth club Derekh Anastasia Lushchenko, who, despite the tight schedule, found the opportunity to become an important part of the event. And the graduates of the international school AJTeam Daniil Miroshnik “Lo Domim” in Kiev, Yaroslav Sadikov “Arayot” in Kharkov and Alina Vlasyuk “Be Jewish” in Krivoy Rog. The guys can definitely be called a team that burns with the principles of the international network of teenage clubs AJT.

The seminar would not be like it was without the President Ira Kozak. She shared with the guys what she loves and showed the importance of their activities in cities.

This is not the first time when the photographer of the AJT seminar in Ukraine has been Dasha Nazarenko. She was a participant and a parliamentarian from the Kharkov region in the past and now Dasha admits that she is happy to find herself in the network after 18 years.

The seminar would not be so productive and comfortable without the AJT logistic manager Lesia Polovcenia and the AJT coordinator Igor Tysyachka, who also worked as the administrator and program coordinator of the seminar and group teacher.

The most interesting part lies ahead - the launch of projects, which we will tell you very soon.

Photo report from the seminar