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Active Jewish Teens: a work plan for 2016 and new projects

Active Jewish Teens (AJT) – is a young teenage leadership movement created in August 2014 with the support of JDC, and exists today in more than 50 cities of the FSU. The main principles of AJT are: self-government, Jewish education, volunteerism and Jewish communal service.


AJT's history began 4 years ago, when during a youth club seminar, it became clear that there was a strong desire and need for an association of FSU youth clubs united into one large movement. In 2013 «Teen project FSU» was formed. Its main objectives were to connect youth clubs in Ukraine and Russia, provide training for teen counselors, and strengthen Jewish education among participants. 

In August 2014, the first workshop for teenagers from 11 Ukrainian cities was held in Kharkov. This is considered the date that AJT was officially created. It's founders chose the name of the movement, created its logo and defined its tasks, which were similar to those of other youth movements. However, the uniqueness of AJT is the movement was created by teens themselves without the influence of others.

The main objectives of the project is the creation of a new active generation of teens with a sense of belonging to the Jewish people, a strong identity, and the knowledge base and skills for self-realization not only within the Jewish community but also in life.

The main criteria for participation in AJT are: age 13-17 years and an active position in the Jewish community. In the 50 cities in which there are AJT programs, teens may attend youth club programs or AJT alumni projects. Annual AJT Seminars provide new information in the field of Jewish studies and leadership, and in how to establish and run communal projects. Teenagers state that participation in seminars offer them an opportunity to make many new friends, strengthens their sense of unity with the Jewish people, motivates their personal development, and encourages them to develop into better people.

Today AJT is represented in more than 50 cities in 5 different countries, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Georgia. The number of youth clubs members has exceeded 3000 people and continues to grow.

In December 2015, the 2nd Annual AJT International Conference took place, which was attended by 250 teens from more than 40 FSU youth clubs. Trainers attended the conference from different countries, who held a number of sessions for participants. The conference was a great success.

In addition, summer AJT festivals - ECO festivals were established.

In addition to seminars and conferences, some additional new directions will be launched in 2016:

AJTeam – international counselors school for AJT graduates from 5 countries. AJTravel – travel to other cities to exchange experiences and implement joint projects.

AJTGovernment – a system of AJT self-government which includes the opportunity to become an AJT president, implement their own policy, create their own parliament and represent AJT movement at the World Teens Conference in the USA.

AJTContest – monthly competitions for all participants. Each month there is a possibility to win a trip to summer camp "Szarvas" (Hungary), the leadership seminar in Bulgaria and branded AJT gifts.

AJTShop – reward system for participants of local programs. Members of youth clubs receive balls for their activity, which can be exchanged for AJT gifts.

This is just the beginning of the unity of Jewish youth- the future elite of Jewish organizations in the Russian-speaking countries.

You can follow AJT news through our website – www.ajteens.org

Social network VKontakte - http://vk.com/ajt_fsu Social network

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/AJTofficial


Contact Information:

Project coordinator Alla Magas

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Public Relations, Alexey Lidovsky

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