Youth Club (Nikolaev city)

Youth Club of Nikolaev Jewish culture association is a big amicable creative family. The association is turning 25 this year, and during its existence a lot of generations of young, talented, active people have participated in its life.Club started its separate existence more than 10 years ago. But despite such a long living the life in the Club keeps being active and vibrant because of creative youth and of course its management.

During Club’s work it has changed a few directors. And each of them has made an impact on the Youth Club and its participants.

The main directions of Club’s work have been unchangeable and here they are:- Active participation in community’s life, all-round help in any aspects of NCJC  work.- profound learning of Jewish history and traditions, self-identification of each participant of the Youth Club and keeping Jewish traditions.

- Self-development, studying and mastering new skills.

Youth Club takes the most active part in volunteer actions, that are being organized by municipal organizations and the volunteer center that has been created on the base of NCJC.

6 years ago a theater group was created, during the work of the Youth Club there have been performed a lot of plays and performances, that were evaluated at the highest level. Because of participation of collective work in performances the members of Youth Club NCJC has united even more and has become a real friends club!


Address: Nikolaev, Navarinskaya 23/1.

Tel: 0938867740

The head: Pavlishev Alexey