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  • Russian

Rosh ha-Shana 5780 in Krivoy Rog 

On September 29, more than 400 participants of different ages and generations gathered to welcome the new 5780 year. There were a bright fest, dances, songs and traditional sweets, RoshHaShana master-classes waiting for people. 

Our teenage club BeJewish was the most active in arranging and performing this fest. 

Our teens performed different activities and master-classes before the concert, so the guests were able to participate in those: they draw congratulate cards and painting pieces dedicated to Rosh-ha Shana as a part of the project “AJ Art Studio”

One of the most moving moments was a dance: three generations participated – children from dance group “Freilex”, our teenage club and seniors from the club “Yahad”. 

After the concert, we had an award ceremony “The person of the year”, which was performed by active teens. It was a great surprise for us to be nominated for a “Madrich of the year”, and nomination to “Tradition keeper”. Such awards are inspiring and they increase the desire to develop ourselves and the community.